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F.T.C. at Club Underground. Still time to make it for Promidal’s set… #paranormal #ebm #dsmn

F.T.C. at Club Underground. Still time to make it for Promidal’s set… #paranormal #ebm #dsmn

Ego Likeness at Dragon*CON 2012. This was an excellent show! They’re booking a big US tour currently so you should definitely visit and find all their social media and follow them or like them or whatever because you know you want to go see them.

Mmmm…New Ayria. LOVE IT!!!!

Missed The Mark by Ayria.

Episode 51

Aztalan Turf Podcast episode 51 - Here You Stand Beloved Freak - Is now available.

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This episode features music by:

Panic Lift, Godhead, Blindness, Level 2.0, Tweaker, Velvet Acid Christ, Garbage, KMFDM, Pigface, Emilie Autumn, IAMX, Dead on TV, Virus Cycle and Collide.

Bold = 2012 release

Aztalan Turf Podcast Episode 50

Episode 50 has been a long time coming. I haven’t been able to post as many shows this year as I’d have liked, but I wouldn’t trade the crazy year of travel for anything. Thanks to everyone for listening. On this episode, new music from I:Scintilla, DRTY LVRS, Desdemona, Geodesique, plus a dirty Christmas song from Junksista and more great music. Also, I announce my 2nd annual 30th birthday party date and lineup.

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Get ready for some cunt rock. New music video by Junksista \m/

National Podcast Post Month

National Podcast Post Month logoNovember is National Podcast Post Month and after learning about this at about 8:30 pm on November 1, I decided to give it a try…30 podcasts in 30 days. It’s quite an ambitious goal, especially as a last minute decision and especially after a long podcasting hiatus, but we’ll see how well it goes. So far, I’m 3/3.

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Great interview from COMA Music Magazine with Jim Marcus and Vince Mcaley of GoFight. Down with the RIAA!

The Ungodly Hour Returns!

The Ungodly Hour logo

After nearly 4 years of silence, The Ungodly Hour returns to the internet with it’s awsome mix of all things industrialish (EBM, goth, machine rock, synthpop, darkwave, etc). If it weren’t for The Ungodly Hour, I would not be podcasting. If you were a TUH fan back in the day, the format is slightly different than what you’ll remember, but it’s great to have an old friend back.

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I’m back with lots of great new music after a much too long break. On this episode, I talk about where I’ve been, fangirl about Garbage and play tons of new music. Artists on this episode include: Garbage, I:Scintilla, Goodnight Criminals, VTG, Icon of Coil, Sensuous Enemy, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Thira, The Joy Formidable, Sleigh Bells, School of Seven Bells and more!

Electronic Saviors Volume 2 is now available for pre-order. The $50 Premium Edition contains 8 CDs worth of stompy awsomeness from many of the best artists in the electronic/industrial/darkwave genres. And I use the term many in it’s literal sense…there are well over 100 artists represented. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! And the proceeds benefit Gilda’s Cancer Support Community and The Bone Marrow Foundation. 

Episode 43 is up!

The Holidays and a cold delayed this episode a bit, but it’s here! I received a lot of great new music for Christmas and I play tracks from most of the CDs I received. In addition, there’s a bunch of other new music from Goodnight Criminals, Lunic and Makaras Pen. Got some global tour news for Emilie Autumn, some comments on a blog post I wrote for about the state of the Twin Cities darkwave music (I’d really like to hear from you on this). Also some notes from a couple of recent live shows I attended.

Also, be sure to check out the full show notes and the home page. I spend a fair amount of time there and goodies lie within. Like from now on, I’d like to start posting related videos on the home page with each new episode release.

2011 was a great year for music and this episode is packed with 2011 releases, including brand new music from The Dreaming, Garbage, Violet Winter, Oh So, Cellmod and VNV Nation. I talk a little about promo for No Fate Convention and plug some fantastic geek podcasts (Midwest Nerds, The Inside Outcast, Geektress). There’s also a big announcement in store and a reminder about the giveaway.

Episode 41 and a Giveaway

I’m back and I have an extremely diverse episode for your listening pleasure - everything from powernoise to apocalyptic folk. There’s brand new music from The Dreaming, Kidneythieves, Jordan Reyne and Psy’Aviah and I cover the Twin Cities Electropunk compilation and CD release show in detail.

And for something completely different, I discuss Butch Vig’s Devonshire Mixes of Nirvana’s Nevermind album, complete with a side by side comparison of clips from the album mix to the Butch Vig mix of Breed. I also announce a Holiday Giveaway running through December 23. Check out the site for full show notes, links and info on the giveaway.

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