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"I miss…God I miss waking up beside you."

This song has gotten me through my darkest days. Never saw Stabbing Westward play this live, but I did get to see The Dreaming play it this year. I spoke with Chris Hall after the set and he said every time he performs that song, it rips him apart inside.

The Dreaming w/Chris Hall on acoustic guitar and Amy Morgan on cello performing Sometimes it Hurts by Stabbing Westward, July 18, 2012.

"I only think about my-*ROCK*-self" AWSOME!!!!!

Garbage Message Board Badges

Ep. 48, More Fangirl Flail, is up! There is lots of Garbage fangirling on this episode as I discuss a few highlights of the UK Tour Extravaganza from last month. Also music by Blindness, The Jezabels, Local H, for all the emptiness, new Icon of Coil, GoFight, The Dreaming and more. Download and subscribe links are here:

Ep. 44 Riders in the Dirt

While everyone was busy watching the Super Bowl, I was busy podcasting. Ep. 44 “Riders in the DIrt” is now available!

Lots of new music from Left Spine Down, Cyanotic, Miss FD, Mindless Faith, The Dreaming and Psy’Aviah. Also music from Sneaker Pimps, Dressed in Decay and Skinny Puppy. I also break some rules when I play Cwn Annwn. And find out where the show’s name comes from in this episode’s Featured Track segment - All the Good in This Life by Garbage. Enjoy!

Chris Hall from The Dreaming performing “Breathing” acoustic. Images are some of Chris’ infrared photography.

2011 was a great year for music and this episode is packed with 2011 releases, including brand new music from The Dreaming, Garbage, Violet Winter, Oh So, Cellmod and VNV Nation. I talk a little about promo for No Fate Convention and plug some fantastic geek podcasts (Midwest Nerds, The Inside Outcast, Geektress). There’s also a big announcement in store and a reminder about the giveaway.

Set List for The Dreaming in St. Paul

I hope to have a review posted, but until then, here’s the set list…

  • Puppet
  • I Can Hear You Breathing
  • What Do I Have To Do (Stabbing Westward)
  • End in Tears
  • Make it Go Away
  • Every Trace
  • It’s No Good
  • Save Yourself (Stabbing Westward)
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Ugly
  • Shame (Stabbing Westward)
  • Solo Crucifixion
Flyer for The Dreaming’s winter tour.

Flyer for The Dreaming’s winter tour.

The Dreaming have posted US tour dates, starting November 29 in Salt Lake City:

They’re playing December 8 in St. Paul. Yay! This is their cover of Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good”. I’ve seen The Dreaming 5 times and I can vouch for their awsomeness live.

Check out The Dreaming’s video for their single Every Trace, featured on their new record Puppet. There’s also a great interview with singer Christopher Hall at Revolver Magazine.